A business approach
to legal service with a personal touch

Commercial/Business Litigation

Every business, big or small, has different legal needs and therefore need tailored legal representation to address them.  Here at Geraghty Stockman, we are capable of handling a wide range of issues that businesses face, including but not limited, to contract litigation, shareholder disputes, non-compete agreements, trade secrets and corporate mismanagement.

We enjoy getting to know the individuals behind the scenes and establishing a great working relationship between our firm and your company.  Geraghty Stockman seeks the best solutions to your company’s legal concerns and is known for its aggressive and personal work with clients throughout Southwest Florida and beyond.  No matter if you have a current legal concern or if you are simply prudently planning for possibilities in the future, we welcome you to come by our office and sit down with our attorneys to determine if Geraghty Stockman is a good fit for you.


Construction Litigation

Florida has one of the most robust construction industries in the United States.  Thus, the need for legal services surrounding construction related services, both on the commercial and residential side, is of paramount concern for the attorneys at Geraghty Stockman.

Representing contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers and design professionals through their construction related issues, Geraghty Stockman understands the full spectrum of problems that can arise during or after construction.  Whether it involves contractual disputes, prosecuting or defending mechanic’s liens, defective workmanship or even professional negligence, our firm can provide the legal guidance necessary to address your concerns.

If you have any questions regarding your construction project or if a problem arises that you need help with, please contact our office.  We are here for you.

Personal Injury

Here at Geraghty Stockman, we believe personal injury lawsuits are based upon the principal of paying for your mistakes.  It is only fair that if someone caused you injury, whether it was because of mistake, inadvertence, negligence or misconduct, they should be responsible for repairing the damages caused.  The exact type of damages can be something clients easily overlook, if not represented.  For example, clients may sometimes have a right to monetary compensation for lost wages, loss of consortium, scarring or even the inability to use a limb over time.  Our lawyers will fight vigorously on your behalf to make sure you are fully compensated for your entire loss.

Last Will and Testament document with quill pen and handwriting

Probate/Estate Litigation

If a loved one or a close personal friend of yours has passed away, then more than likely you have had some involvement in a probate or estate matter, whether there is a will or not.  Probate generally involves the handling of assets and liabilities of an individual who has passed away, allocating the payment of taxes or other incidental expenses as well as distributing the remainder of the individuals estate pursuant to a will or statute.  This can be a difficult time for all parties involved and is made substantially more so when there is evidence of wrongdoing.  The most common litigation in this area are individuals contesting a will.  These matters can involve:

Beneficiaries not receiving a proper inventory of the assets

Undue influence over the deceased upon execution of the will

Undisclosed creditors claiming interests

Personal Representative disputes between loved ones

Breach of fiduciary duties

Mishandling of estate assets

If you do find yourself involved in a legal dispute arising out of a probate issue, please rest assured that your matter will be handled professionally and with the respect that it deserves at Geraghty Stockman.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Real Estate Litigation

The practice of real estate is fraught with potential pitfalls and legal risks, whether it involves a commission agreement between brokers or a closing of a multi-million dollar commercial project.  We are able to assist you in a wide range of issues dealing with:

Partnership disputes

Boundary lines and easement rights

Agent and broker commission disputes

Purchase agreements

Right of access issues

Intentional or negligent misrepresentations

Breach of fiduciary duties

Inherent in these sometimes complex transactions are individuals willing to try and take advantage of others or not honor their side of the agreement.  At Geraghty Stockman, we take pleasure in helping those individuals who find themselves in these tough situations.  Our attorneys are well-equipped to handle a wide variety of legal issues involving real estate and welcome an opportunity to help guide you through them.


Wrongful Death

For those of you who have lost a loved one, you understand how that loss can drastically effect your life.  Although death is a matter of life, it is never easy to comprehend all of the emotions when a loved one is taken from you because of someone else’s negligence or misconduct.  The loss of companionship, love and sometimes financial support is seemingly impossible to quantify.  While it is clear that no financial payment can ever make up for the loss of a loved one, having financial security can help to provide you the tools to move forward and bring a sense of closure to those left behind.

If you are faced with a sudden loss caused by another’s negligence or misconduct and need advice, please contact Geraghty Stockman.  We look forward to the opportunity to support you in your time of need and provide the guidance to move forward.

Commercial Landlord/Tenant Litigation

Representing a broad range of commercial property managers and landlords, Geraghty Stockman’s team is comprised of seasoned trial lawyers who know the ins and outs of this area of law.  One mistake can end up costing thousands of dollars and can turn a somewhat profitable rental property into a money pit.  Understanding the nuances of the notice provisions and court procedures are paramount to a smooth and quick eviction process.  Here at Geraghty Stockman, we understand that time is money and will work expeditiously to have your landlord/tenant issue handled quickly and efficiently.